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The room next to us was full. People we all knew hustled and bustled and talked and here we were in the space at the base of the stairs, one hallway away, him with his tongue down my throat and his hands cupping my ass, and me with one hand rubbing his crotch hungrily and my other working his nipples through his shirt.

He was a bear no doubt. A full beard, but not overwhelming, with round rosy cheeks and the kind of eyes that wink at you when he smiles. From the shirt buttons that were open popped out a small forest of hair, welcoming and friendly. I ran my hands through it to feel it bristle against them. His belly was prominent, and it pressed against my chest as I leaned in. Thick brown hair at the top, and strong arms as they wrapped me in.

My lust had reached his patiences end. I pulled back from his face and checked in the light through door slant to make sure I got his belt on the first try, rotating as I went so he could place his back against the wall. A laugh emitted from the hallway and I stopped long enough to look at the door and listen for impending footsteps.


None. That was all I needed to get me to my knees. Belt undone, zipper down, and a nice thick cock stared me in the face. Damn I was hungry.

I worked my tongue slowly at first. Working just underneath the balls, then caressing over the middle, and loosely tracing around the edge of the cock base, careful not to touch the cock with anything, teasing both him and myself as I worked away around the entirety of his tool, stopping to lick the balls again before slowly dragging the very tip of my tongue along the very bottom of his cock, feeling a straight line, the bump as I hit his knob and stopping when my tongue tip rested in the divot of his cock tip. I licked one circle around the knob and leaned back to look up.

His eyes were rolled up. Not a bad sign. I did one more lap at the top, and then put my lips around and worked my way all the way to the base, relaxing my jaw and doing my best not to gag as it hit the back of my throat. He groaned and filed his fingers through my hair, gripping it. Not enough to pull my head in, just enough to let me know he was there, enjoying it, and would take control if he wanted to.

I took it as a cue of approval and pulled back again so just the knob was in my mouth, working my tongue in a circle as I did so and pulling my tongue around just the knob before pulling it back to my throat again. In. Out. I developed a rhythm and felt his legs tighten as I did so. A few small moans escaped and his hands fell on the back of my head pulling at my hair and resting as his pressure rose. The moans became quiet grunts and his legs pressed up against the wall. As I pulled out one final time I took a look up and made eye contact just before his eyes rolled up, and he pushed my mouth down and filled up the back of my throat with his warm seed. He shuddered against me and his belly was warm on the top of my head as he did so. I swallowed quickly, and slowly sucked as hard as I could as I pulled back, making sure to get all of the seed I could. Using my hand, I squeezed down once to make sure every last drop ended up in my mouth.

As I rose I pulled his pants up with me, and he adjusted them, zipping and belting, sticking his tongue down my throat again. An uproar of laughter from the party down the hall and I snickered "We're having more fun than they are" "Damn straight. Thank you - I can't remember the last time I actually came from a blowjob."

I blushed as he started to unzip me and pressed my hands against the wall to prepare myself, when steps came swiftly down the hall. He stood and I stood and we hid in the shadows as the person wrestled with coats next to the door. A wink exchanged between the two of us and I smiled "To be continued..." When the coat getter had wandered off I smiled, adjusted my pants, grabbed one more kiss, and moseyed off to the party, content.


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