Good Boy.

Aug. 7th, 2014 10:28 am
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My first ever attempt at this. Be gentle:

I look around the area nearby. On the steps a gaggle of people I had met that day, and filling the street, milling about making noise for days, a crowd of bears. Jose raises an eyebrow at me from in front of me knowingly. "I guess I'll see you when you get home then!"

I smile back and nod as best as I could against the elbow locked around my neck holding my head back next to the beard of the fellow holding me. His other arm is tightly wrapped, pressing my back against his open shirted belly. A slight scratch from his chest hair prompts another smile from me that bursts into a grin as he growls in my ear.

Something about a raw sexual moment that expands past even human vocabulary works for me in an innate way I can't fully explain. I'm hard already at the mass of input my brain and body have. Tight against my shorts. From the steps comes an australian accent and a flick against the shape of my dick where it presses out: "Ah to be young again. Hard at a stiff breeze."

I don't laugh, though I want to. I have plenty of room to, he's not choking me: just lowering my capacity for movement- but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to or not, and I already know that tonight I am not in control.

This time the accent comes from the low, scratchy voice next to my ear: "I reckon it's time for bed, don't you?" His partner on the steps agrees and tells him [us?] he'll be along in a minute and before I have time to wonder if I'm included in this impending bedtime or not, my captor has changed my position. My arms are folded behind me - my wrists warm in his strong grip. In the transition my collar moves exactly enough for the tag to hit the connector on the leather. I smile as it dings.

"Walk" he says. It's not loud, it's calm and powerful. He doesn't have to yell, he knows I'll listen, he knows he calls the shots right now and he doesn't need to exert himself to prove it. We walk. The crowd parts or I am pressed against them until they do. Soon we're past the crowd and there are less people. I hear a voice calling my leader from the right and he stops, we turn.

"What have you got there, Karl?" "I seem to have found myself a puppy" "Aww, is he a good puppy?" "He certainly seems to be!" My ears twitch and I feel warm inside at the magic words, and as I do, the person who had called us over says with confidence "Sit."

I do. I am a good puppy. They confirm: I am a good puppy. There is conversation exchanged, and I get rubs along the top of my head. I bliss into that happy place where I don't need words any more, but before I get too lost I'm hoisted to my legs again and we are off to our destination.

One floor. Two floors. Unlock the door. My shorts feel so tight from the pressure of my cock. We go in and the voice behind me runs through the basics. Do I know red, yellow, green? We will be playing safe, he wants to make sure this is fun for me too. Not just formalities, you can tell from his tone he means it. As I confirm I understand everything, I can hear him moving behind me. Undressing, I guess, and then the clinking of metal. I don't turn - I'm not told too. So I look at the bed in front of me as my clothes is removed. Shirt, off. It brushes against my already hard nipples and I moan under my breath, quietly. Then my shorts and underwear, in one fierce pull down to my ankles. I had already kicked off my shoes so stepping out of them isn't a process. "Alright. Anything else?" "No Sir." I wonder what's going to happen next as he slams his hand into the small of my back toppling me onto the bed. The next few seconds happen faster than I could have imagined. A leather restraint around each arm and each leg - my arms connected, my legs dangling over the edge of the bed, my ass in the air, unprotected and fresh.

The thing about 9 tails is when they tickle your ass at first it's almost comical. It feels silly and almost jovial. They fall into your crack a bit if you're spread right and that elicits a moan because it's a reminder of what you're hoping to get later in the evening.

The other thing about 9 tails is when they're pulled back rapidly and whipped against your ass they hurt like a motherfucker. With a grunt my head goes back as I clench my eyes and work to embrace the pain. Pain isn't always my favorite thing, control is where my true happiness lies in that kinky part of the world. But when pain is connected to control it is filled with that exact happiness. I glow as he establishes a slow rhythm against my lower back in ass. Soft left. Soft right. HARD across the whole thing. Occasionally the rhythm varies and the glow I'm feeling inside expands to my cheeks and lower back. I hear the door unlock and look to the left to see his partner walk in as I feel my legs pulled back and connected to my wrists.

"Well well well. Look what we have!"

They kiss for a bit, and I notice they are both in their underwear. A brown and red beard flow across their faces, and their bellies extend out above their underwear. Not enough to prevent cock access, but enough that there is a noticeable gut on each - covered with hair. Fuck. I am a lucky bastard.

When they maneuver back, I hear metal against metal and my limbs flow out as I'm flipped effortlessly onto my back. I don't need to help, the two men have it under control. I look up at them in bliss as they refasten my legs and arms together above me. My back is warm against the comforter in the void of the nine tails abuse and my legs extend uselessly above me- my hole is open and needy and I can feel the air conditioned air against it. The late arriver kneels on the bed near my head and begins to work around my jaw with his tongue. I'm all too happy to receive this gift. As he does so, his hands maneuver to my nipples, tweaking them. I moan a bit more than I have been and he pulls back for a moment, his eyes lighting up as if I said the magic word. The tweaking gets more intense and his lips return to mine, his tongue and mine pressed together in the moist cavities.

A pump is heard in the distance, and then a moist finger appears at my hole, and my moan becomes something beyond my control. It is intensity itself. I need my hole to be used. It's so empty. So devoid of pulsing rhythm and music. Two fingers are in, and he remarks to the fellow on my nipples "He might be too tight"

The tongue exits my mouth just long enough to offer "He'll make it work, I'll bet.", and for me to grin and say "Yes Sir." Tongues embrace again, and my nipples are tweaked so hard I know simply putting a shirt on afterwards is going to be a work of patience. I moan again and then there's pressure against my hole. My mind searches for the feeling - it's not fingers, it's not the warmth that comes with a cock... it's too tempered to be a dildo. As he presses with it my eyes widen a bit. It's a butt plug and it is NOT small. I can feel myself stretched open as he maneuvers in and out, more and more every time. Wider and wider. Just as I think I'm not going to be able to do any more - not possibly - I hear the familiar pop and my ass relaxes a bit. It's in. I'm expecting the hands to move elsewhere now and I do initially. He's putting lube on my cock and balls. His partner moves away from me, getting off the bed and moving to my hole to look at the handiwork, so I get a chance to look down to my hole.

There is a green rubber cock ring being put around the base of my balls, and now the other side of the cock ring is around the base of my cock. I don't need to figure out what the line dangling off it is. He pulls back on my cock and I can feel the tug against my hole. It and the butt plug are connected.

How clever is man.

A pause as my two captors look at each other "Did you see the moon tonight?" "I did! It's beautiful" "I was just thinking it would be lovely to watch it for a bit from our roof deck." "Oh that would be lovely!"

They turn to me.

"Did you know we have a roof deck? Would you like to see the moon?"

My eyes widen a bit and I grin "Yes please."

"Well we'll have to wear clothes though." a long pause "WE'LL have to I mean." They point at each other and my eyebrows go up. Oh. Kay. They release my legs from the restraints and massage them a bit,then pull me up, keeping my arms restrained. Unlock the door. Down one floor of stairs. I'm hard again. We're in the hallway. It's late enough that it's unlikely someone will be coming out but still. Out the door to the porch and up a large flight to the roof deck. As I walk up, careful to balance with my arms restrained in front of me, one of my captors leans in. His warmth is present around me as he whispers in my ear "Don't you make a sound. You realize of course we could just leave you out here if we want to."

I don't make a sound. I nod. And grin to myself. We've reached the top of the stairs and the breeze is cool. My cock seems to not notice though, still straining it's in the cock ring. Every step I take it bounces, and every bounce it makes there's a tug and push against my hole. It's hard not to moan.

And the moon really is beautiful. It's easy to see. Especially on the side of the roof which borders the road. Which is the exact location that they choose to loop my restraints around the wooden railing. I overlook the road, the railing is low enough that the position has me bent over with my ass out.

The next half hour is a cycle. Tweaking my nipples intensely, tickling me uncontrollably, spanking my exposed ass, and the two of them taking turns grinding against me and holding my head against them as they do so. Every single one of these moves causes a few effects. A movement of my hole or cock, causing that push and pull inside my hole, a hard to conceal moan or grunt, and a whispered reminder to stay quiet. When a late pedestrian wandered down the road, a loud spank was unleashed as they retreated me from the edge, leaving me to decide if I wanted the wanderer to notice me or not. Those that did smiled to themselves and carried on.

Soon came the phrase behind me I longed for more than anything. "I want to use that hole." "Up here?" "No. Let's go back to the bed."

So we head back down. One long flight of stairs down. Boing - pressure in hole. Through the hallway. Boing - pressure in hole. Up one flight of stairs. Boing - pressure in hole. Unlock the door, and back on the bed, legs restrained to arms. And then the underwear finally comes off.

You know how you constantly hear references to something, and you assume it's real somewhere but it's just not something you've encountered so it's realness never really sank in?

As thus with the phrase "beer can cock." It was an average length - I'd guess 5-6", but it's girth was terrifying. But I am a determined type, and now had been stretching for a while with their buttplug. As I struggle to show confidence I felt two sensations at once. Hands on my nipples, and a gentle tug at my hole and it's occupant. With a pop I open up and my hole gasps for air and more.

Slowly and purposefully the man with the beer can maneuvers across the bed until his dick presses against my hole. It is warm, and I am hungry. I need it inside me. A condom is rolled over, and some lube generously applied and then there is the pressing against me. I relax. Breathe. Want it in. Want to feel the warmth. Want to make him feel good. And slowly, I open up and ever so slowly warmth shuddered in. I am fuller than I have ever been and I was managing it. It was a hurt to be sure, but it was the kind of lustful hurt that made me just want more. And then I feel his crotch hit my ass cheeks and know he's all in.

"Good boy."

I moan, and nudge my head back against the cock at my head that has just appeared. It's thick but in a normal sense as far as thickness goes. And soon, the air is awash with a quiet pulsing deep breath, a mixture of gagged and muffled moans, and the raw animal grunts from the man using my hole as his pumps become more rapid and I relax into it. I lose time entirely, zen out and let my soundtrack be the rhythm of the hips hitting the backs of my legs, and the growls and roars coming from the man now pounding in and out of my hole. My moans extend as I felt myself continue to be ripped open, harder and faster and then my throat loses it's occupant and I feel a hot, moist splatter as the cock is ripped from my mouth and fired on my chest. The cum is white and coating me, I am full of heat from my hole and the mix of sweat and cum all over my chest. After he shoots, he presses a hand against the side of my head and falls back just as his partners grunts and pounds became frantic. He isn't holding back anymore, and he isn't thinking any more, he is using my hole for his pleasure, and he is getting close. I squeezed my hole as tight as I could on his rhythm, loosening as he pulled out and tightening when he pushed.

His face clenches as fluidly pulls his cock out a last time, rips off the condom and sends his cum flying where his partners is. It warms my chest again, and the entire mix is combined as he undoes my restraints and falls on top of me. His weight feels good. It's comfortable there, tight and constrained, and as he rolls to the side he holds me in his arms and says "Good boy. You did good, boy."

He starts to try to get me off, but I don't want to cum, I just want to enjoy everything that's just happened. And sleep.

I feel amazing, and exhausted and comfortable and happy and good. I'm a good boy.


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