Aug. 13th, 2014

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The room next to us was full. People we all knew hustled and bustled and talked and here we were in the space at the base of the stairs, one hallway away, him with his tongue down my throat and his hands cupping my ass, and me with one hand rubbing his crotch hungrily and my other working his nipples through his shirt.

He was a bear no doubt. A full beard, but not overwhelming, with round rosy cheeks and the kind of eyes that wink at you when he smiles. From the shirt buttons that were open popped out a small forest of hair, welcoming and friendly. I ran my hands through it to feel it bristle against them. His belly was prominent, and it pressed against my chest as I leaned in. Thick brown hair at the top, and strong arms as they wrapped me in.

My lust had reached his patiences end. I pulled back from his face and checked in the light through door slant to make sure I got his belt on the first try, rotating as I went so he could place his back against the wall. A laugh emitted from the hallway and I stopped long enough to look at the door and listen for impending footsteps.
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