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My growlr update pinged just as I was beginning to maneuver my hand along my cock in my shorts, preparing to load up xtube and get myself off. The picture was of a man in his 40's, with a salted goatee, barely any pepper left at all. His profile said he was in an open relationship, 250 pounds, and in town for a weekend at a hotel just a half mile from my apartment. The standard back and forth occured, as is oft wont to do on these apps, until I procured an invitation to his hotel room.

Walking through the lobby, a certain nervousness began to set in. I smiled at the man working behind the desk in a way that I hoped did not convey "I'm not staying at this hotel!" and made my way up the elevator. A timid knock on the door and it was opened by a man in casual gym shorts, and an open button up. The room was icy with overwrought air conditioning, and the hunger in both of us warmed the air between us. I said hello, we did a short dance of pleasantries, I removed my shoes, and then finally, suction was applied from his jaw to mine, our lips parting, and mine taking his tongue in, working it with my own, and sucking it down deep. He tasted slightly of wine, and his palms cupped the side of my waist, driving his fingers into the curve of my back and gripping hard. They were rough hands, and their grip exuded need.

The formalities of playing with nipples for a bit got lost and my hand jerked down to his belt buckle, fumbling for a minute to feel what style, then pulling hard to the left to release it. More tongue on my tongue, and my hands are pulled up as he removes my shirt. I pulled my hand through his chest hair as he undid my shorts and his own, letting them fall to the ground and join the pile of chaotic remains.

I go to my knees and get to work. It smells clean, with just enough musk to trigger a sense memory. He moans as I take it in my throat and I worry for a minute about how thick it is. It reaches the back of my mouth perfectly, but it's width as it hardens is pressing against the lips that are curled over my teeth. Back. Forth. I maneuver it in and out of my mouth carefully and slowly, wandering my tongue around it in the little space available and teasing the head as it nears the opening. When it is hard he grunts and lifts me up by my armpits, raising me up and guiding me to the bed, placing me on my back by the edge of it.

Instinctively my legs rise up as I watch him tear open the condom and roll it over his cock. An instant later he is pushing and I am breathing. Relaxing. Letting him in. When he's in all the way I'm surprised to feel no pain, just the glorious warmth. His eyes roll back a little. I grin - I'm sure mine are too. It's obvious he won't last very long but I don't get disenheartened I clench and squeeze as his cock's pace increases speed and course. His breaths labor and sweat drips a bit on me as his brow furrows, eyes closed with focus until a triumphant bellow emerges in time with three slow but meaningful pounds to the hilt enter me. His tide ebbs and he falls on me for a minute then rolls over to let me work my cock, already hard and ready to cum.

Seconds before finishing he mutters "on my belly" and I am quick to follow instructions, letting loose my load in 4 rivets of silky mess all over his hairy stomach. It's my turn to fall over now, to rest for a moment, then to thank my host and see my way out.

I smile happily as I depart and wink at the lobby man, now with no concern what he thinks, what-so-ever. When I get on my bike I feel my hole slightly more open against it's seat and I smile.

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Hot! I'll bet that was fun.


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